Utah Wild Horse Photo Tour

May 17, 2017

A few days ago we headed to the West Desert just outside of Salt Lake City for a wild horse photography tour.

We checked the weather before we left the house; a storm was predicted to roll in around 2pm. When the weather showed "cloudy" for the hours right before the storm, you never know if they're be enough sunlight popping through the clouds for photographing horse action.

The sky was... EPIC!

Usually I can track the herd of horses quickly; on this particular photo tour the horses thought they'd play hide and seek and moved outside their normal hot spots. Mr. Paint Horse couldn't help but laugh when we found him.

When you're planning a trip based round photographing wildlife, one thing I cannot emphasize enough is the importance of hiring a guide familiar with the area and particular wildlife you want to see. Travel and photography can be expensive so there can be some reluctance in hiring a guide. The first time I went to Africa to photograph wildlife, a buddy and I rented a car and set off into our adventure, determined to find as much as we could. After traveling to 4 different countries, spending several days and hundreds of miles in that car, we learned the true value of hiring a guide.

Here's my rule of thumb.... If you want to maximize your shooting time, invest in a guide. If you don't know every inch of the area, invest in a guide. If you are still learning photography and want help with settings in the field, invest in a guide.

I take people on tours throughout Utah and I've lost count how many times clients say they see significantly more wildlife on my tours compared to what they see when venture on their own to save money. When I hired a local guide for my subsequent Africa photo tours, I saw 10 times the amount of wildlife in 10 days in one country than I saw spending 14 days with my buddy visiting in 4 countries. Had my wild horse tour clients decided to try to do it on their own, they would have wasted several hours driving around without ever seeing one horse. #LessonLearned

There was action of plenty among the 125 wild horses we spent the day photographing. 

It was a very good day; beautiful weather, happy clients, and great images. To learn more about the wild horse photo tours, visit Rob's Wildlife. 

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