Workshops & Photography Classes

In addition to offering wildlife photography tours and guided sightseeing tours in Salt Lake City, Utah and across the world, professional wildlife photographer Rob Daugherty offers photography workshops and courses. Rob's Wildlife photo workshops are ideal for photographers looking to improve their game. Rob's Wildlife photo workshops and courses are offered various times throughout the year in the Salt Lake City, Utah metro area. Whether you are just beginning or wanting to turn from photography hobbyist to professional, we have a course for you.

Click on the links below to learn more about specific photography workshops.


Beginning Photography 101

Still shooting in automatic mode? This workshop will teach you the fundamentals to confidently switch from automatic mode to manual with... (Learn more)


Intermediate - Advanced Photography Workshop

Learn how to build catalogs, brushes, and export. Each workshop participant receives... (Learn more)




Camera Basics Mentorship

Learning the basic function and features of Canon and Nikon Cameras. You will learn the particulars of your equipment and how to take the shot you are looking for.

Camera Basics Mentorship is limited to 6 participants. This course is a combination of two 3-hour sessions. The first session is in a studio/classroom setting, the second session is in-field practical application. 

Investment is $379.


Studio Instruction includes: studio, triggers, backdrops, props, lights, soft box, beauty dish and model when needed


Lightroom Editing

During the Lightroom Editing Course participants will take pictures in studio (or use existing images) and then learn how to create a balanced photo using Lightroom. 

The Lightroom Editing Course is limited 6 participants and includes two 2-hour sessions. 

Investment is $199.


Photography the Business 

Are you looking to move from a hobbyist photographer to using photography to make money?

From what gear to use to how to start or grow your business and building your client base. You will learn how to capture the most important memories of their lives.

The Photography the Business Course is limited 6 participants and includes two 3-hour sessions. 

Investment is $649.



Becoming a Professional

Rob will provide 1 on 1 mentoring with a weekly three-hour session over the course of eight weeks sharing the knowledge that took him 30 years to gain.

During this course you will learn how to go from hobbyist to professional. The multi-module course will cover things like obtaining a business license, writing contracts and waivers, having adequate business insurance coverage, website design, marketing, and more. 

Course is 1-on-1 training and includes eight (3 hour) private sessions 

Investment is $2,295