Hi, my name is Rob Daugherty and the guy behind the camera.

Being an Oregon native, I have always been very involved with animals and nature making photography a priority. While working in Law Enforcement with the Federal Fisheries Agency on the Columbia River, I had ample opportunity to view wildlife from land, sea and air; further inspiring me to photograph wildlife and landscapes. From photographing Bald Eagles in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge to the landscapes of the Oregon coastline and capturing the wildlife of the breathtaking Mt Hood National Forest, the laid the foundation for what would become my life’s passion.

After moving to Northern Utah, I was inspired by the large number of wildlife photography opportunities available within short distances of the Salt Lake City area. With several state and National parks in close proximity, I began honing my skills to include the capturing my subjects in their most vulnerable moments. From the delivery of a Bison calf which is walking and joining the herd within an hour of birth so as not to be left behind to witnessing a mother bear teaching her cubs to forage for means of survival. I have also learned a great sense of patience in waiting for that “One Shot” that will leave you with a deep appreciation for nature and all of its wonders. 

As an international photographer, I've experienced places and cultures that have humbled me and increased my appreciation for the world in which we live. My international travels include Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and China.