Intermediate - Advanced Photography Workshop

With an solid understanding of camera basics and photography fundamentals, now is prime opportunity to level up your skills as we dive into an advanced level of photography. Our Intermediate to Advanced Photography Course teaches how to master different types of photography, from wildlife and sports/events, to portrait and landscape photography. 

Please note: It is highly recommended you have a strong understanding of your camera and camera settings before enrolling in this course. If you are still starting out, our Beginning Photography 101 may be a better place to start before taking the intermediate-advanced class (click here for more info about that class).

The Intermediate - Advanced Photography Workshop is a total of two 3-hour sessions and is limited to 10 participants. Registration is not complete until workshop fees are paid in full.


The Intermediate - Advanced Photography Workshop teaches:

  • Exposure triangle
  • Correct composition
  • Metering modes and advanced metering
  • Customizing your focus settings including micro-adjusting
  • Proper exposure composition
  • Image Visualization
  • Histograms; how to read it and interpret it
  • Panning
  • Adjusting and setting white balance

Course Investment: $379