BUGLING BULL, Estes Park, Colorado


Bull Elk RMNP 092417-1194

Bugling Bull Elk Photography Print by Rob's Wildlife

A bull elk bugles in Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park, Colorado. Elk rut season is a magical time when the park comes alive with bull elks, bugling and battling over who can get the most cows (female elk). This bull elk and 9 cows were hunkered down between boulders and trees north of Moraine Park. Several other bull elk kept trying to enter his herd to steal a cow or two. At one point a big bull elk approached the area from the west and while the bull chased him off, a younger bull elk came in from the east. The bull came real close to mounting up on one of the cows until this bull elk saw him and quickly darted from the west to the east to chase him off.

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