Car Repair Guy in Salt Lake City, Utah

March 02, 2017

Finding a trustworthy, reliable auto mechanic can be a feat all in itself. Finding a trustworthy, reliable auto mechanic that can work around YOUR schedule is next to impossible. Well, it used to be impossible unless you are in the greater Salt Lake City metro area (i.e. Davis, Cache, Utah, and Salt Lake Counties). If you're in Northern Utah and looking for a car repair guy, I know just the guy for YOU!

Meet Ruben. This is the man behind Mobile Car Doctors. After getting frustrated by the inconvenience and domino effect car repairs can have on your life (more importantly, getting to and from work), he began rethinking how auto repair services are offered. Having a health industry background, he chose to call the repair mechanics doctors since they diagnose and "fix" cars.

Car Doctors. Pretty catchy, don't ya think?

Wanting to create a superior service and improve upon traditional auto repair companies, he wanted his company to offer traditional auto repair shop services AND remote repair services; Mobile Car Doctors was born.


Mobile Car Doctors is based out of Ogden, Utah, and offers repairs services throughout the metro Salt Lake City area including Davis, Cache, Utah, and Salt Lake counties. They are a full-service facility specializing in transmission repair from forklifts and cars, to farm equipment to heavy machinery; you will not be disappointed with their work.


Not wanting to replace my own spark plugs and a hesitant first time customer, we had them do a tune-up on the truck. Their service was straightforward; they arrived at my office and performed the tune-up in the parking lot. A few weeks later I contacted them about replacing a broken door handle. Not only did they replace the handle, I didn’t need to leave my house because THEY came to ME. They have since repaired a generator, the trailer bearings and hitch, reran brake light wiring, installed multiple off-road lights and bull bar, and the list goes on. When you find a trustworthy, honest, and fair repair mechanic, when anything breaks, making a quick call to the people who can fix it is a no brainer.

After learning about, Ruben asked if we could make some safety reflective vests for his crew. Being a Mobile Car Doctor means sometimes you’re working on the side of the freeway in the dark and safety and visibility are vital to keeping his employees safe. We modified an existing The Vest Guy design and integrated Mobile Car Doctors' company colors of blue and orange.


Whether they are working in the field or in the shop, the essentials are in their vest or within arms reach. The vests also add a bit of professionalism to their brand and when their employees arrive to a job, you know they mean business. In, out, on their way, and your car is up and running.



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