Custom Photography Vests

April 02, 2017

Long before I got into wildlife photography full time, my primary focus was The Vest Guy. Since 1990 The Vest Guy has manufactured police, military, emergency services, and safety reflective vests. The more time I spent behind a camera improving my photography skills, the more I craved a vest specifically designed for photographers. After putting the photo vest prototype to the test in the field, the photography vest line was officially added to The Vest Guy product line.

The photography industry has changed significantly over the years, more notably in the last 10 years. Film cameras have become the minority and the lower price points of DSLR cameras and lenses have allowed people who couldn't previously afford to get into photography the ability to invest in multiple camera bodies, lenses, and photography accessories.

Photo vests are made to match your specific needs. They allow you to carry larger lens, multiple camera bodies, extra camera batteries, camera memory cards, camera filters without sacrificing comfort and quality. The photography vest's custom design distributes weight evenly to alleviate back and shoulders fatigue.

Camera backpacks are nice until you have to get something out of them. The moment you need something out of camera bags it requires you to put them on the ground, search through the bag, zip it up, put it back on. The integrated camera sling system allows two camera bodies to hang freely while still providing quick change camera body and camera lens changes.

The photo vests can be made specific to the needs of your specific destinations. For instance, the Bear Mountain photo vest was made specifically for when I spent the summer as a bear guide in Alaska. Seeing bears on a daily basis, carrying bear spray at all times was a necessity. I modified an existing photo vest design to accommodate a can of bear spray that could always be readily accessible.

Here is the Serengeti photography vest. It has the right amount of pockets to carry your gear and adjusts from outside shooting to shooting from a safari vehicle.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Admittedly our products are more expensive than pre-made vest made overseas, but you get EXACTLY what you want, a quicker turnaround time, no quantity requirements, and the comfort of knowing if something happens to your camera vest, it’s covered by a lifetime workmanship warranty. Seeing is believing so for a LIMITED TIME use coupon code Robswildlife and save 15% off photography vest or camera bean bag orders.

As our satisfied customers know, all of our products are made to order and are 100% customized. To learn more about photo vests from The Vest Guy, visit


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