Online Photography Class and 2016 African Highlights Newsletter (030616)

March 06, 2016

 Online Photography Class & 2016 African Highlights Newsletter

Join me March 7-9, 2016 as I teach a LIVE online photography course on Curious Mondo. During this course I teach tips and tricks for wildlife photography including settings, locations, time of day, gear, selling your images and so much more. Come with your questions and get real-time answers.

Our First Video Clip 2016 photography tour to Tanzania, Africa
In the below video are some of the highlights from the trip in this video. I took over 13,000 images and over 250 videos. Stay tuned for more.



King of the Serengeti

One of my highlights of the photo safari was spending time with this large, beautiful male lion in Serengeti National Park. He stood atop a large mound of rocks. It was an ionic "The Lion King" moment. He has the ultimate view over what was happening in his dominion. By the looks of his belly, he had finished eating something large (probably a wildebeest) and was completely uninterested in a very large herd of zebras that were within a couple hundred yards of him.




African Elephants under Baobab Tree in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania.


There were no shortage of elephants on this trip. I would estimate there were at minimum of 1,000 elephants. The most elephants on our trip were seen when we were at Tarangire National Park. At one point we heard a baby elephant trumpeting. By its tone, you can tell the baby was scared. Suddenly he came running through the brush like a bat flying out of hell. Within a minute, we heard loud stomping coming from the opposite side of our vehicle when the baby's mother came to its rescue. A memorable event for sure.



There were also a lot of zebras in Serengeti National Park. Here is a group that congregated around the water hole. Little did they know that a female lion was crouched down just mere yards away from them.


To see more images from this trip, click here: More Trip Images


If you love wild animals and are interested in photographing them in their natural habitat, contact me TODAY about joining our group for our next Africa Photography Tour Adventure!

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