Total Exposure Photography Workshop

April 17, 2017

If you're in Utah, have a camera, and are looking for things to do in Salt Lake City, check out Total Exposure Photography Workshop.



Experience the most comprehensive photography workshops in the Salt Lake City metro area. Total Exposure Photography Workshop teaches students the things most professional photographers won’t share! Three highly experienced photographers (Ryan Smith, Scott Sneddon, and Rob Daugherty) are teaming up to share their first hand secrets of how to create stunning images whether you’re photographing wildlife action, capturing epic landscapes shots, or creating perfectly lit portraits.

Ranging from beginning to advanced photography, this photography workshop is carefully designed for photographers of all skill levels and is extremely adaptable.

During this photo workshop Ryan, Scott, and Rob teach techniques and tips from years of hands-on experience that will inspire students to have the confidence to use the photo workshop’s content to create epic photographs from start to finish.

The next upcoming Total Exposure Photography Workshop is May 12-13, 2017. It will be held at the Davis Conference Center  (1651 N 700 West, Layton, Utah, 84041).


Meet your Total Exposure Photography Workshop Instructors


Ryan Smith

Growing up in the beautifully diverse state of Utah, Ryan developed a love and passion for the outdoors. Consistently traveling throughout the Western US, Ryan has expanded the borders of what he calls home. Through his adventures, Ryan specializes in expressing his passion for the West in stunning ways and uses his camera lens to spark emotion, tell a story, and evoke a passion for the outdoors.

Ryan's unique, unmistakable style has received many prestigious awards, featured in several publications, and has captured the attention of a worldwide audience. Ryan is a resident artist in Grand Teton Gallery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and a licensed photography guide.  /   Lifescapes West Facebook Page


Rob Daugherty

Nature and animals have always played a role in professional wildlife photographer Rob Daugherty’s life. From watching Bald Eagles along the Columbia River Gorge, to seeing wildlife in Mount Hood National Forest, the foundation for what would become the Oregonian’s lifelong passion was laid from childhood. After relocating to Utah and finding an abundance of wildlife photography opportunities close to home, his passion flourished as he continued practicing photographing his subjects in their most vulnerable moments. Rob has developed a great sense of patience in getting “The Shot”…. the one that hugs your soul and evokes a deep appreciation for nature’s wonders. He is an experienced Alaska bear guide, a National Geographic award winning international photographer, and takes people to photography wildlife worldwide.  /  RobsWildlife Facebook Page



Scott Sneddon

Known for his highly creative studio skills and impacting images, Scott Sneddon is a master of light and shadow. Being retired military Scott honed his technique while traveling the world, haven owned studios in Germany, Korea, California, and now Utah. While Scott’s photography talent has earned him respect internationally, his services and studio are highly sought after by models and professional photographers alike. Scott’s true passion comes from teaching others the skills and secrets he’s discovered through the years. Scott enjoys seeing people walk away as a better photographer and model than when prior to working with him.  

DIY Photo Studio  /  DIY Photo Studio Facebook Page

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