OLD FALL RIVER ROAD ELK, Estes Park, Colorado


RMNP Bull Elk 092217-0353

Old Fall River Road Elk Photography Print by Rob's Wildlife

While driving Old Fall River Road, this large bull elk was bugling near the bowl down the hill from the Alpine visitors center. Another bull elk was nestled down on the valley floor with his 9 cows. After several bugle exchanges with the bull in the valley, this lone elk continued his trek up the hillside.

Sightings of a beast this size and this close draws attention; one vehicle stopped in the middle of the road to watch the elk graze, preventing the 30 cars behind it from seeing him. I asked the van to move along so other visitors could experience the moment.

The elk reached the part of the mountainside where it turns into a bricked retaining wall with a steep drop off. If he went to the right, he would cross the gravel road and continue up the tundra. The elk paused near the roadside and shifted from looking left and right at the cars creeping along the gravel road. It was obvious he wanted to cross.

A pickup pulled alongside the elk. I told the driver if he stopped his pickup, the Elk would cross the road. {insert a truck full of outraged passengers insistent I didn't know what I was talking about.} "That's stupid. He won't cross. He won't go up that embankment because it's too steep." Wouldn't ya know 2 vehicles after that truck, a different driver stopped and the elk crossed.

Wildlife Tip: Remember when we are in nature, wildlife has the right of way. We are in their home so let's respect them.


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